Gold, Diamonds & Jewelry We pay top dollar on your gold jewelry.  Not sure if it is real...bring it in and we can test it for you for free.  There is no commitment.  
Any items of value We will pay cash on the spot for anything of value.  Collectables, electronics or instruments.  No credit check required.


Loans and Consignment are available

Gold, Diamonds, Jewelry

Broken, mismatched and unwanted

Musical Instruments

Collectables and Electronics


Temecula's Gold Xchange:  At the Gold Xchange, we are dedicated to bringing you the best a pawn shop has to offer.  We are Different!  The first thing you will notice at the Gold Xchange is our clean and bright shop.  Gone are the days of dingy, junk filled stores.  We offer high quality gold and diamond jewelry at a fraction of what other jewelry stores charge...especially mall stores.  We also have a collection of electronics and musical instruments at tremendous values.  If you have gold to sell, we can often meet or beat any other offers you may have.  If we can't we can also offer you a short term loan based on the collateral of your valuable item.

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Paid for your valuables



Jewelry and collectables

Gold is at its all time high Now is the time to cash in on all your broken, mismatched and unwanted gold jewelry


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